5 Tips for Starting an Amazon FBA Business in 2023

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5 Tips for Starting an Amazon FBA Business in 2023

If you’ve decided to jump into the world of Amazon FBA selling, you’ll need the right products, the right tools, and the best strategy possible to start turning a profit without hassle. 

Here are five easy tips to help you start selling on Amazon FBA like a pro.

1. Do product research

The simple reality of selling on Amazon is that competition can be high, and product investments aren’t always guaranteed to pay off. 

To get the best results from your efforts and hard-earned money, take the time to do thorough product research before selling anything on Amazon FBA. 

This may mean purchasing keyword research tools that can analyze product keywords or listings for search traffic. Or, you might visit Amazon’s site to get a feel for how much of a certain product is selling, how competitive it is, and whether others are selling the same exact product you might be interested in. 

Your goal should be to stand out and offer a product unique enough to get clicks, even in a crowded, competitive search pool.

2. Sell as a business, not an individual

When it’s time to sign up for an Amazon FBA account, you may notice that there are two main options to choose from: an individual plan and a professional business plan.

While the individual plan may have a smaller initial price point (with no fees for joining), it’s not the most sustainable model for long-term growth. Your selling fees will generally be higher with this sort of seller’s account, and you’ll miss out on key features that can help take your business to the next level.

Instead, opt for Amazon’s professional plan for $39.99 a month (plus selling fees). This requires forking over some cash from the get-go, but again, the long-term payoff of having access to all the benefits and tools you’ll need to build a strong business makes this well worth it. 

3. Be prepared for verification

To ensure that there is no fraud or spam on Amazon’s platform, the site takes thorough steps to verify the identity of all its sellers. That means you should be equipped and ready to prove you are who you say you are.

You might be asked to provide official identification and financial information so you can receive payments. You may even be asked to join a virtual interview to further confirm your identity.

If you’re ready to handle this step, you can save yourself time and stress – make sure you have what you need on standby to ensure this part of the process goes smoothly.

4. Start out with test sales

With your account up and running, it’s time to start selling! We recommend getting started with some test runs that are manageable and low-risk so that you can get a feel for the selling experience and make changes as needed.

You might start by selling a lower volume of products or by choosing a product that doesn’t require a huge investment. 

Not everything you decide to sell will be an instant hit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still mitigate the effects of unsold products; it just takes time and practice to understand how to manage your inventory and grow your business.

5. Buy wholesale

To make it easy to turn a profit and stay ahead of the competition, take advantage of wholesale deals that allow you to get a large amount of a hot product for a low price.

You can turn to NexDeal Distribution for a growing and dynamic inventory of great wholesale products for the best prices. Our online ordering system and daily wholesale deals make it simple to find one-of-a-kind options for your Amazon FBA business. 

We’re here to help you through every step of the process, so no matter where you may be in terms of getting your business off the ground, our team has got your back.