9 Wholesale Trends You Don’t Want to Miss Out in 2022

9 Wholesale Trends

9 Wholesale Trends You Don’t Want to Miss Out in 2022

The international wholesale market has long been a vital hub connecting retailers and producers. But over time, it has undergone a significant evolution. The pandemic, changes in consumer preferences and technology are the leading causes of the change. You’ll be able to maximize your business’ potential while remaining relevant in your field.

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New Technologies in the Wholesale Industry

Many companies are incorporating new technologies into their equipment and system upgrades to increase their operations’ effectiveness, precision, and speed. Utilizing most of the available warehouse space is made simpler by using an inventory management system to monitor and optimize inventory levels. Maintaining a solid e-commerce platform is also essential for online sales.

By tracking stock levels, customer orders, and shipping information in real-time, inventory management software also contributes to the automation of the supply chain. Robots created to carry out repetitive manual labor can be a part of a more complex automated system, freeing up staff for more complex tasks or filling in for a labor shortage. Even though installing such systems can be expensive, they can save you a lot of money over time.

Over the last two years, solving these challenges has been crucial for businesses worldwide. However, the pandemic’s innovations and alterations can still be advantageous to wholesalers years from now, as new procedures and tools help enhance client relations and operational effectiveness. Start working with Nex Deal today! Our intelligent solutions can help you grow your business with ease. 

Let’s discuss some of the trends in wholesale distribution that contribute as big in 2022 and that you don’t want to miss.

  • Wholesale Distribution Online

During the pandemic, digital sales made possible by e-commerce platforms provided much-needed relief. According to reports, this trend will carry on and possibly gain momentum in the future. But why the abrupt change? The pandemic’s influences on the supply chain have alarmed all wholesalers. It was clear that to survive and be profitable; they would need to digitize their wholesale distribution.

By setting up operations online, a company can operate without owning and maintaining a physical location. As a result, you can keep the supply chain without worrying about the interruption.

  • Businesses Are Embracing Digitization in Two Key Ways

Either they are creating commercial websites for online sales. Or they’re becoming vendors on online B2B wholesale marketplaces. The goal is to reach more customers as possible in both cases.

  • Supply Chain and Distribution

Due to supply chain issues in prior years, many businesses are rearranging their sourcing and distribution channels. Companies lost access to their regular distributors and suppliers. They are currently devoting all of its resources to rebuilding its broken supply chain.

Before the pandemic, cost and expertise were the most important criteria when choosing a supplier. Businesses now give the geographic location of a supplier priority for accessibility. They seek out distributors who can offer better, safer fulfillment options. It is safe to say that your distribution company has a lot of opportunities today.

It’s a great time to position your business in line with these requirements because many organizations need distributors.

  • Sustainability in Business and Environmental Awareness

In the industry, there has been a lot of discussion about sustainability. Businesses are implementing eco-friendly practices in response to the climate’s rapid change. The wholesale distribution sector is contributing as environmental conditions worsen.

They are changing the packaging for their products to include biodegradable materials. To reduce waste, they are also using less packaging. However, the efforts go beyond simple packaging. Eco-friendly procedures can be helpful at every stage, from product sourcing to shipping. Here, the main objective is to reduce factors like energy use, water use, and waste production. The environment, people, and the communities they operate will all benefit from this.

  • Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) Channels That Are Emerging

While most businesses set up safer distribution channels, some take a more direct strategy. An increasing number of manufacturers are developing direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales channels. It aims to eliminate all middlemen, including wholesalers.

For instance, businesses like Nike and PepsiCo, which previously used distributors, are now embracing the D2C trend. This change results from Covid compelling businesses to choose D2C channels to survive. The wholesale distribution sector responds to this trend by demonstrating why they are a superior choice to D2C. They demonstrate how quick, dependable, and reasonably priced their services are. Wholesalers are also adapting by offering value-added services and increasing service quality, utilizing the newest technology and becoming efficient.

  • Digital Presence

Distributors invest in search engine marketing to increase online visibility and attract potential customers. Paid online advertising and website optimization are both parts of search engine marketing. Businesses recognize SEO as a great way to increase brand authority and awareness. The likelihood of turning customers into customers is increased by frequently appearing in front of them.

  • Multichannel Marketing

Omnichannel selling is a further well-liked trend currently dominating the wholesale distribution industry. Customers now favour a variety of buying channels. However, they also expect a consistent shopping experience across all channels. Customers want to make purchases using mobile, websites, and physical storefronts in more significant numbers. This pattern was more noticeable in B2C transactions, but it is now gradually influencing wholesale B2B sales.

Since retailers give customers various buying options to make shopping easier, they anticipate receiving the same treatment from the wholesalers they deal with. Omnichannel is advantageous for both buyers and sellers. You’ll attract more customers by giving customers more convenient purchasing options.

  • Contemporary Inventory Management

Wholesale distributors frequently experience inventory management issues because they deal in bulk goods. It becomes challenging for a wholesaler to manage inventory across numerous warehouses. It is feasible to manage the stock in a single warehouse manually. Additionally, this raises the possibility of error, resulting in a loss. Wholesalers use software (ERP) solutions to simplify inventory management. It makes inventory control, monitoring, shortage and overstock prevention easier. For 2022, incorporate an inventory management system into your daily operations.

  • Staffing and Labor Issues

The labour shortages in 2021, which are still an issue in 2022, were another effect of Covid. The United States and other nations are facing a labour shortage due to business closures, low pay, and requirements for better skills from workers. In 2022, a lack of labour force in business operations may make it difficult to implement your business strategies. Wholesalers must recognize this issue and take appropriate action.


So going into 2022, these are the main trends we have seen. Everyone wants to return to normalcy before the competition because this is the year the wholesale distribution is expected to recover. Considering these trends, your company will thrive and make money in these challenging times. It is not easy for most companies to compete with larger, more established companies. Need some help deciding what your company should do? Hire Nex Deal today to start experiencing revolutionary success! Nex Deal is an ideal company that can help you with strategy research and uncover trends in the industry before they happen.