How to Utilize Amazon Analytics Insights to Boost Your Sales

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How to Utilize Amazon Analytics Insights to Boost Your Sales

As an Amazon FBA seller, you are an entrepreneur and a creative. That means that you’re probably always hustling and looking for that next chance to kick your business up a notch.

And if you know how to use Amazon Analytics Insights, then you get a special peek into the thought processes of your potential customers. It’s like a salesperson suddenly gaining the ability to read minds: You can use this superpower to figure out what exactly your buyers are looking for without them even knowing they’re being observed.

Here are a few tips to use the incredible tool that is Amazon Analytics Insights and start bringing in constant sales.

What is Amazon Analytics Insights? How Does it Work?

Amazon Analytics Insights lets sellers gain unique insight into the purchasing behavior of their customers. This tool analyzes:

  • Keywords and products that customers are searching for
  • What products your customers or potential customers are buying
  • Which products tend to be purchased together (for example, maybe you’re selling TVs and Amazon notices that they are frequently purchased with TV stands)
  • Customer loyalty
  • The behavior of your competitors
  • Your overall sales metrics
  • And more.

With this information in hand, you can completely switch up your marketing plan so that it is based on cold hard data, not just hunches or ideas. It can also help you optimize your listings by, for example, including more keywords that people are looking for.

Here are tricks to try with Amazon Analytics to send your sales through the roof.

  1. Incorporate Keywords

Maybe you have been selling toys with tons of great features, but you aren’t sure what to include on your listing. Then, Amazon Analytics Insights informs you that many of the parents looking for “rubber duckies” are specifically looking for “non-toxic rubber duckies.” So you dig a little deeper and find out that your rubber duckies are non-toxic. So you include that “non-toxic” keyword in your listing, and now you’re getting all that traffic looking for your product. If you want to know more, read our full blog on how to use keywords to your advantage.

  1. Get to Know Your Audience

Amazon Analytics Insights also offers you more details about the demographics, interests, priorities, and behaviors of your audience. You can use this information to make your marketing more targeted and relevant to your customers. For example, perhaps you thought your audience was mostly millennials, so you were paying for Instagram advertising. Then you find out that your real customers are, in fact, significantly older. That might be your cue to switch to advertising methods like email.

  1. Brainstorm Product Pairings

Amazon famously uses the high-runner strategy. They know that someone making a large purchase, like a mattress, for example, has probably done their research and carefully selected the ideal product and price. But Amazon also knows that a person is likely to buy a mattress topper and maybe some sheets and pillows. So when the mattress buyer goes to check out their perfect, deeply discounted mattress, they’ll see suggestions for topics that people typically buy together: the pillows, the sheets, the memory foam. And all of those products will have marked-up prices. But the buyer won’t realize because they didn’t put the same amount of time into researching those trinkets as they put into researching their nice, big mattress.

All this is to say: some of the best money to be made on Amazon comes from proper product pairings. So if you are thinking about introducing a new product to your portfolio, then use Amazon Analytics Insights to find out what other products your customers like to buy and see if you can offer any of them.

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