The Role of Customer Service in Building Your Amazon FBA Brand Reputation

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The Role of Customer Service in Building Your Amazon FBA Brand Reputation

Whether you realize it or not, your Amazon FBA brand carries a reputation. That reputation might be neutral or practically non-existent, especially if you’re just starting out. But as soon as you create a brand, you create an image consumers use to judge whether they should buy from you.

Nowadays, most consumers feel that being able to trust a brand is important, much more than it was in the past. With so much competition on the market – and poor-quality products to spare – most shoppers want to know they’re giving their money to a seller who deserves it. If your brand can’t stand up to the test, customers will simply move on to one that does.

Why Amazon FBA Brand Reputation Management Matters

You might be tempted to leave your brand reputation to chance. After all, good business practices and happy customers should lead to positive results, right? Not necessarily. 

You’ll need to stand out, especially on Amazon, where millions of sellers and shoppers navigate through products every day. Your brand’s reputation shouldn’t just be “fine.” Not if you want to top search results and maximize your profits, that is.

It Impacts Your Sales

How customers feel about your brand directly affects how they shop. This truth is a relatively new phenomenon. Still, it’s one that’s driven by the very ecommerce platform you rely on. 

When customers have their pick of thousands of products and sellers, the questions they ask themselves change significantly. Instead of asking, “Which product works best?” shoppers must ask, “Which product is the best value? Which seller offers the best perks? Which brand do I want to support?”

If you’re selling wholesale merchandise, your reputation is what separates you from your competitors. When you can’t offer unique products, you need to find new ways to give customers something they can’t find anywhere else: amazing customer service.

Competition is Steep

Third-party sellers (like you) account for over 60% of Amazon sales. If your brand blends into the background, you’re not likely to see significant growth. If you want to build a serious business, you’ll need to prove it by going beyond what most sellers do.

Your Marketing & Advertising Won’t Be as Effective

All the sponsored advertisements in the world won’t distract loyal consumers from a poor reputation. Don’t sink time, money, and effort into pushing your products and business without proving it’s one to trust.

How Stellar Customer Service Can Help

The nature of Amazon FBA sales means that many customers are used to minimal – if any – interaction with sellers. But you can change that. By engaging with your customers and making an effort to serve them, you’ll already distinguish yourself from the crowd.

But how can you provide customer service when Amazon does all of the fulfillment work for you? From the time you post your product listing to the last sale you make, there are plenty of opportunities to show customers you care. 

Above all else, communicate with customers. Consider their needs, concerns, and preferences as you create your brand. Much like you might in a brick-and-mortar store, do what you can to assist customers and make them feel heard.

Amazon FBA Customer Service Essentials

Use these key tips to up your customer service game and drive more sales for your Amazon FBA business.

  • Read and engage with customer reviews. Take the time to review and respond to Amazon customer reviews, good and bad. This shows your customers you care about what they have to say. Everyone likes a brand that tries to put its customers’ needs first.
  • Respond to complaints promptly and professionally. Don’t take complaints, returns, etc., as a sign of failure. Take them as an opportunity for improvement. Respond to complaints as soon as you can with a polite, professional tone. Don’t dwell on problems – work to find solutions.
  • Offer quality products. Don’t let your customers spend their hard-earned money on products you know aren’t worth it. Shop with reputable suppliers like NexDeal Distribution as you stock your storefront. Our rotating inventory of daily wholesale deals is packed full of hot buys that are sure to take your business to the next level. Download a full list of our inventory for even more options that will set you apart.

Above all else, think like a customer. What would you like to see brands you shop with do to serve you?