Eco-Friendly Wholesale Products: Tapping into the Sustainable Market

A cell phone with an eco friendly symbol on top of a reusable bag.

Eco-Friendly Wholesale Products: Tapping into the Sustainable Market

Gone are the simple days of “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Today’s consumer takes their commitment to sustainability to the store with them as they look for the products they’ll invest in. To meet consumers where they’re at and join the growing wave of sustainable products, you can source eco-friendly wholesale merchandise to sell to your target audience.

What are “Eco-Friendly” Wholesale Products?

Terms like “organic,” “fair trade,” “cruelty-free,” and “biodegradable,” among others, have hit store shelves worldwide in increasing numbers. However, not all products that are marketed as sustainable picks are actually eco-friendly. 

When we talk about “eco-friendly” wholesale products, we specifically mean items produced using supply chain, manufacturing, and business practices that cause minimal harm to the environment. This consideration could include materials used, production strategies, packaging, and more. 

Understanding the Market for Sustainable Products

Why shop for eco-friendly wholesale products in the first place? Beyond supporting manufacturers that protect the environment, the answer is clear: the sustainable marketplace is growing, and fast.

An overall growing global awareness of environmental changes has driven more people to care about how their purchases affect the planet. Customer interest in sustainable goods has skyrocketed within the past few years alone. 

Today, around two-thirds of consumers say they’re willing to pay for more sustainable products. Many also view markers of sustainability as a key factor when deciding which products to purchase. 

Not only is the sustainable marketplace booming, but it’s also less competitive than many others. Many retailers don’t believe consumers are interested in sustainable products or view things like brand names as more important. 

That means this market is an ideal opportunity for small business owners to swoop in and develop a loyal customer base.

Top Eco-Friendly Wholesale Products to Look For

If you can think of it, there’s probably an eco-friendly version of it. But that doesn’t always mean it’s possible to find the product you want as bulk wholesale merchandise. Opt for products that are simple to source but still tick the right boxes.

  • Reusable Goods: Things like reusable bags, utensils, drinkware, etc., are in high demand but require a low upfront investment.
  • Energy-Efficient Tech: In a world where everything is digital, consumers love products that help them stay connected without wasting resources.
  • Personal Care: Health and wellness products made from sustainable ingredients or with minimal packaging (such as shampoo bars) are great finds.
  • Bamboo Items: Bamboo isn’t the only sustainable material out there, but it’s one of the most cost-effective and popular. Look for bamboo toothbrushes, kitchenware, and more.

How to Shop for Sustainable Wholesale Merchandise

If you plan to sell your sustainable wholesale goods on a site like Amazon or eBay, it’s a good idea to do some product research. Consider essential details like those below to source the best products for your target markets. 

  • Profitability. It’s best to aim for products that promise to deliver a good return on investment. Look at how much your competitors sell similar products for and compare it to the wholesale price you’ll pay (as well as any fees) to see how much you can profit.
  • Seasonality. Not all product types are popular year-round. Options that make sense in certain climates or for certain purposes (like cookouts, family gatherings, etc.) may not be the best long-term investments.
  • Brand Credibility. Shop smart by only trusting wholesale merchandise providers with a proven history of success and customer satisfaction. Quality products you can count on are key in this marketplace.

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