The Best Side Hustle in 2023: Amazon FBA

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The Best Side Hustle in 2023: Amazon FBA

There’s no doubt about it – the best and easiest way to launch a strong side hustle and make money from your own couch is Amazon’s “Fulfilled by Amazon” (FBA) service. There’s no platform bigger than Amazon, which hosts around 300 million customers worldwide and produces millions of dollars of profit for business owners yearly.

Whether you have dreams of becoming a top entrepreneur and creating your own brand or are simply hoping to bring in some extra side cash, Amazon FBA has the tools and audience you need to achieve your goals.

How Does Amazon FBA Work?

There are two main ways to sell on Amazon: a merchant-fulfilled model and Amazon’s FBA model. The former requires sellers (that’s you!) to process and ship each order made on Amazon’s site, while the latter allows Amazon to take care of everything for you.

That means no time or money is spent on shipping labels, packages, and other materials you might need to get your customers the items they ordered. You can simply purchase your products, have them shipped to one of Amazon’s 175 fulfillment centers, and let the cash roll in. 

According to Amazon, the FBA model also allows you to access the company’s customer service and return services so that you don’t have to manage these features either. You’ll also get access to Prime eligibility and minimal shipping fees so that you can grow your business fast. 

The overall process is very straightforward. Let’s take a look.

Create Your Account

You’ll need to create an Amazon Seller account to participate in Amazon FBA. You can choose from two types of plans: an individual plan and a business plan. Each comes with different costs and perks, but for those looking to make as much profit as possible, we recommend signing up as a business. 

Find the Best Products

You can maximize your profit on Amazon by purchasing bulk wholesale items at a reduced cost. At NexDeal Distribution, we offer a wide range of hot wholesale deals to help you score amazing product offerings without breaking the bank.

Ship to Amazon FBA

You’ll want to shop with a merchant who can help you ship your products right to Amazon’s warehouses. NexDeal can do just that, allowing you to sit back, relax, and wait for your business to take off.

Manage Business on Your Schedule

You can keep up with customer feedback, reviews, product restocks, and all the other turning cogs of your business on your own time. There’s no need to meet specific deadlines or sell products that don’t work for you.

Why Amazon FBA Outranks Other Side Hustles

What makes Amazon FBA an ideal side hustle other than how simple it is to try? A huge perk is the ability to control what you sell, how you sell it, and when you do so. Below are some other benefits that come with selling on Amazon FBA.

Potential for Growth

What starts as a humble side hustle can quickly blossom into a full-scale business or full-time job. The passion and time you put into your Amazon FBA endeavor can translate to real, tangible payoffs.

Passive Income

You won’t need to do much work to keep up with your business, which means you can make money without having to dedicate hours of your time to the effort.


You decide what kind of business you want to create, and you also have the power to switch things up as desired. Want to break into the beauty industry? Sick of selling the same products? As your own boss, you sit in the driver’s seat and can steer your business in any direction you want.

How to Get Started

To take advantage of the benefits of Amazon FBA yourself, you’ll need to make sure you set up your account properly, research the best product options, and do your homework. 

To learn more about how to get off the ground and running with Amazon FBA, check out our guide: 5 Tips for Starting an Amazon FBA Business in 2023.

Final Thoughts

There may be no better way to make some extra money and perhaps even start a successful business than by selling through Amazon FBA. At NexDeal, we’re here to help you through every step of the process.

Check out our daily wholesale deals to discover new and exciting products that can help you find your niche on Amazon. You can also download a complete list of our inventory to find even more options that can help set your business apart from the competition.

Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to help you create the side hustle of your dreams.