Top Selling Items on eBay

Top Selling Items on eBay

Top Selling Items on eBay

Gain Insight on eBay Trends for an Upsurge in Business Sales and Prosperity 

Are you an avid fan of the world-renowned, illustrious e-commerce corporation eBay? Do you wish to sell your products to increase exposure, efficiently reach your target audience, and attain considerable profits? To answer all of your eBay-oriented queries, gain a more thorough understanding, and promote sales and overall prosperity, we’ve gathered essential data regarding the digital platform’s bestselling products. 

To be even more precise, we’ve listed the top sellers in each product category and taken into account the onslaught of the brutal COVID-19 as well. Curious to know what’s been trending in the market as of late? Continue reading for profound insight on eBay!

eBay Bestsellers During the Pandemic

The inception of the menacing COVID-19 has transfigured the world to an almost unrecognizable entity. Undeniably, the prevalence of the ominous pandemic has influenced retail and specific industries in various ways. To be more precise, thanks to these newfound changes, there has been a massive shift in consumers’ priorities and spending habits. The top-selling products on eBay during the pandemic are as follows.

  • Masks & sanitizers
  • Puzzles
  • Strength Training
  • Webcams
  • Painting Equipment & Supplies
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Laptop Docking Stations and Power Adapters
  • Golf Training Aids
  • Wireless Routers and Mobile Hotspots
  • VR Headsets
  • Lego Building Toys

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Several Coronavirus-Oriented Challenges Have Impacted Ebay’s Online Shopping In The USA

The dawn of such an unprecedented and highly contagious virus dramatically altered societal norms and practices, simultaneously leaving corporations scrambling for solutions. eBay, too, was not exempt from these sizable challenges. To elaborate, one of the platform’s most enormous battles in recent times entails ensuring the safety and security of its buyers and sellers. 

Astonishingly, greed remains a prominent constituent of our world to this very day, urging the unscrupulous to exploit innocent buyers and cash in even during a pandemic. With these price inflations intrinsically making a mockery of basic human needs and healthcare, eBay juggles these coronavirus-oriented challenges and attempts to facilitate conditions daily. Though the vast majority of sellers behave ethically and refrain from resorting to exorbitant and unfathomably high prices, this occurrence has nonetheless negatively impacted both the buyers and the marketplace as a whole. 

Bestsellers in 2021 and 2022: Top Products and Categories

Essentially, eBay has a wide variety of product offerings, all of which are divided into disparate categories. By carefully examining the website’s most popular products, you can increase your sales. For your assistance, we’ve accumulated the bestsellers of 2020 and 2021 to serve as an indicator for 2022 and effectively forecast future sales. Find out more about the top product categories by reading ahead!

  • Mobile Phones & Accessories

Undeniably one of the most adored and frequently visited categories on eBay, the top sellers in this particular section include phones and accessories such as silicone cases and glass screen protectors. In terms of brands, iPhones remain the most popular and serve as some of the best buys on eBay.

  • Video Games

Video games and consoles are some of the e-commerce corporation’s top products. Top-selling brands include Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

  • Health and Beauty

Health and beauty products are also among eBay’s bestselling items. Specific examples consist of perfume, hair straighteners, and dietary supplements.

  • Home and Garden

Remaining incredibly popular on the digital platform, particularly in the spring, consumers desire home furnishing products such as tables and sofas. A handful of bestsellers include barbecues and parasols in terms of garden products.

  • Computers and Tablets

Considering the technological evolution of the contemporary world, it is no secret that products like laptops, tablets, and printers are relatively high in demand. Some of the bestselling brands on eBay include Apple, Samsung, and Asus.

  • Fashion

Widely known as the category that is essentially the most visited by fervid shoppers, fashion remains famous year-round. Regardless of the specific season, shoppers continue to find eBay sellers that provide many fashion products. Bestselling brands include The Territory Ahead, Filson, Eileen Fisher, and FLAX.

  • Crafts

Yet another bestselling category on eBay is the crafts section. Consisting of jewelry beads and scrapbooking materials, these products remain highly sought-after. 

Bestsellers on eBay: Webretailer Data

By publishing incredibly relevant data regarding the best-selling items on eBay, Web retailer has enabled sellers to analyze crucial facts and figures and assess sales trends by publishing incredibly relevant data regarding the best-selling items on eBay. The most popular product categories are listed below.

  • Baby

Toys for Baby → Developmental Baby Toys 

Toys for Baby → Plush Baby Toys

Baby Safety & Health → Baby Monitors

  • Business & Industrial

Healthcare, Lab & Dental → Disposable Face Masks 

Material Handling → Other Envelopes & Mailers

Material Handling → Shipping & Moving Boxes

  • Cameras & Photo

Lighting & Studio → Lighting Kits 

Camera Drones → Camera Drones

Camcorders → Camcorders

  • Cell Phones, Smart Watches, and Accessories

Cell Phones, Smart Watches & Accessories

Cell Phones & Smartphones → Cell Phones & Smartphones 

Cell Phone Accessories → Cases, Covers & Skins

Cell Phone Accessories → Headsets

  • Consumer Electronics

Portable Audio & Headphones → Headphones 

TV, Video & Home Audio → Media Streamers

Surveillance & Smart Home Electronics → Security Cameras

  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Men → T-Shirts 

Men → Socks

Men → Hats

  • Health & Beauty

Fragrances → Men’s Fragrances 

Vitamins & Lifestyle Supplements → Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins & Lifestyle Supplements → Weight Loss Supplements

  • Home & Garden

Tools & Workshop Equipment → Power Tool Batteries 

Home Improvement → Space Heaters

Lamps, Lighting & Ceiling Fans → String Lights, Fairy Lights.

  • Jewelry & Watches

Watches, Parts & Accessories → Wristwatches 

Watches, Parts & Accessories → Wristwatch Bands

Fashion Jewelry → Necklaces & Pendants.

  • Musical Instruments & Gear

Pro Audio Equipment → Microphones & Wireless Systems 

Guitars & Basses → Strings

Guitars & Basses → Electric Guitars.

  • Pet Supplies

Fish & Aquariums → Live Plants

Reptile Supplies → Reptile Supplies

Fish & Aquariums → Live Invertebrates.

  • Sporting Goods

Hunting → Gun Parts → Pistols 

Hunting → Magazine

Hunting → Red Dot & Laser Scopes.

  • Toys & Hobbies

Collectible Card Games → Individual Cards

Collectible Card Games → Sealed Booster Packs

Action Figures → TV, Movie & Video Games.

  • Travel

Luggage → Luggage 

Lodging → Lodging

Travel Accessories → Other Travel Accessories.

  • Video Games & Consoles

Video Games → Video Games 

Video Games Accessories → Controllers & Attachments

Video Game Accessories → Video Games Merchandise

The indispensable key to success is adequate research. Take this time to scrutinize eBay’s bestsellers to find previously unidentified sales opportunities! Ultimately, after dissecting the various bestselling eBay product categories, you can then evaluate your product portfolio. 

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