Your Comprehensive Guide to Ungating

Your Comprehensive Guide to Ungating

Use Nexdeal’s Guide to Getting Ungated on Amazon and Grow Profoundly as a Business.

Are you seeking to delve into the world of Amazon selling? Are you looking to expand your business and thrive to heights like never before? Getting ungated on Amazon is the key to tremendous degrees of success! With more opportunities to sell highly demanded products from highly demanded categories, your online business will see incredible growth in profits. The door to prosperity is only a few steps away — and NexDeal is here to help you unlock it!

Are you wondering how to get ungated on Amazon and feel intimidated by the thought of it all? No need to fret! We completely understand just how daunting the approval process can seem — which is why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to assist you. You can rest assured that the process will take place as smoothly as ever and ultimately contribute to reaching your true potential. The possibilities are endless — and we’re just getting started.


What Does Ungating on Amazon Even Mean?

Chances are, you’ve seen the word “ungating” being thrown around everywhere in the world of Amazon. What exactly does it mean to be ungated on Amazon, you wonder? 


In simple words, it refers to the approval to sell a wide variety of goods. By being authorized to sell whatever you possess and desire, you will find it easier than ever to grow as a business! Because Amazon puts restrictions on specific products and categories and consequently prevents new sellers from selling them without permission, it is incredibly important to apply to be ungated as soon as possible.


Why Does Amazon Have Gated Categories in the First Place?

You might find yourself wondering why Amazon has gated categories in the first place. Though the whole concept might seem unnecessary and complicated at first glance, it ultimately paves the way for customers’ better, more reliable shopping experience. To begin with, Amazon applies these restrictions to ensure that products are safe for consumption and prevent the consumer from being subject to health issues. 


Additionally, it aims to maintain quality control and fair pricing consistently. This very prioritization of client satisfaction and safety renders the process of ungating an effective procedure. By proving that you’re a legitimate entity with only the purest of intentions, you’ll receive the opportunity to sell your products to millions of customers and subsequently develop as a business.


Restricted Categories on Amazon in 2021

  • Amazon Subscription Boxes
  • Automotive & Powersports
  • Collectible Coins
  • Services 
  • Made in Italy (Italian products)
  • Music & DVD
  • Jewelry
  • Postage Stamps
  • Fine Art
  • Personal Safety & Household Products
  • Watches 
  • Sports Collectibles
  • Streaming Media Players
  • Toys & Games during the holiday season
  • Video, DVD, & Blu-ray


How Do I Get Ungated on Amazon?

Perhaps you’re wondering how to get ungated in groceries on Amazon — or maybe you’re reflecting on how to get ungated in toys on Amazon. Regardless of the specific products you wish to sell on the globally renowned platform, NexDeal is here to help you every step of the way! Let’s go through the process and take it one step at a time — together. 


  1. Sign up for an Amazon Professional Seller Account for $39.99 a month
  2. Go to Seller Central, find the “Inventory” tab, and press “Add a Product”
  3. Search for a product that is in the category you wish to sell
  4. Click “Listing Limitations Apply” 
  5. Press “Request Approval”


You may be asked to provide copious documents for verification following this process. Moreover, you may also need to meet certain requirements in order to gain approval. 


Crucial Tips to Keep in Mind

To be candid, NexDeal understands the uncertainty and anticipation coursing through your veins during the process — which is why we’ve assembled tips for you to take into consideration during the process! Our pointers go beyond the general instructions found almost everywhere — and we vow to help increase your chances of being ungated in Amazon categories. Follow the advice listed below for opportunities galore! As always, you remain our top priority.

  • Include your supplier’s contact information

For those of you with a dropshipping store, it is significant to always mention your supplier’s contact information in your application. More specifically, list the name, email, and phone number for optimal results. As of late, Amazon has been reaching out to suppliers directly for further information — so it’s essential to make sure you pay your supplier on time. By exhibiting your credibility as a seller, you are well on your way to getting gated on Amazon!

  • Possess Impressive Performance Metrics

To prove to Amazon that you are more than capable of selling your products in the gated category of your choice, it is crucial to make sure your performance metrics serve as a direct representation of your striking vision and diligence. The key, essentially, is to develop a fantastic reputation with the buyers and demonstrate the reliability of your business. Not only will these statistics increase the likelihood of getting ungated, but they’ll also boost growth and profitability as a whole! Keep the following metrics in mind:


  • An order defect rate of less than 1%
  • A late shipment rate of less than 4%

A pre-fulfillment cancel rate of less than 2.5%

  • Showcase a Finalized Invoice

Essentially, invoices are some of the most vital documents needed to complete an ungating application successfully. In order to increase the likelihood of obtaining approval, you must showcase a final invoice that straightforwardly demonstrates proof of payment rather than just an order confirmation. Typically included in the final package and consisting of a thorough list of purchased items, this distinct invoice tends to contain the following information:


  • Invoice number
  • Date of order
  • All contact information for the supplier
  • Shipping and billing address
  • Packing slip number in cases of cross-referencing
  • A list of the purchased goods and the quantity, size, and weight of each item
  • Payment information 
  • Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) numbers or Universal Product Codes (UPC) for every product


We also strongly recommend double-checking your application and making sure the addresses match your Amazon Seller account data. Carefully go through your contact information and pay critical attention to little details for extraordinary results!


How Long Does it Typically Take to Get Ungated?

Trust us; we understand entirely how eager you are to obtain approval and seamlessly sell products without restrictions or limitations. Factors like seller experience and history alongside the category in question also play a role in determining just how quickly you get ungated on Amazon. Truth be told, though we wish we had a definite answer, the reality is that ungating could take either a few hours or a few days. 


In some cases, you might even be approved instantaneously based on a stellar record. In other cases, it might take a couple of weeks and require many documents. If your application is rejected, the Amazon service agent will request you to apply again and possibly include a reason for the rejection as well — but it is important to note that the latter is not always given. Following the rejection, you’ll be given two weeks to submit the necessary documents and appeal if need be.

We hope this guide has thoroughly assisted you and provided you with insight into the realm of ungating. Take the advice above and information into account — and apply to be ungated on Amazon today! You, too, can sell goods without any restrictions and grow to substantial heights. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!


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