Amazon FBA Shipping Guide

Terms you should learn:

  • LTL – Less Than A Truckload: This refers to any shipment that goes by pallet but not a full truckload
  • BOL – Bill of Lading: This is a document truckers use when picking up pallets or truckloads.
  • PRO Number: This serves as the tracking number for pallets.
  • GATED- This means you can NOT sell on
  • UN-GATED- This means you CAN sell on Amazon. 


Note that the shipping details we provide are in compliance with the warehouse guidelines. Please do not make your own adjustments or break up the shipment. Doing so may result in penalties, order cancellation, or extra charges. If a change needs to be made please call us first.

Orders damaged or lost during transit must be claimed directly with the shipping company. It is your responsibility to purchase insurance on your shipments. Should damage upon arrival units not be caused by shipping, please advise us within 3 days of receiving the shipment along with images and any other documentation.