How NexDeal Works

Thank you so much for your interest in opening an account with Nex Deal Inc..

To create an account, simply click on the “Register” button in the top right-hand corner of our website or below for your convenience.

How to Purchase on NexDeal

We want you to have the best experience possible when shopping on To do that, it’s important to understand our buying process. Below are some of the basic steps you’ll need to follow.

1. Visit Our Daily Deals Section To Select Items

At the top of any NexDeal page, you’ll find a toolbar. Click the “Daily Deals” section in this toolbar to check out the products we’re currently offering. Or, to view a complete list of our products, download the “Complete Inventory” PDF linked in the top right corner of your screen.

2. Add The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Or Higher To Your Cart

Look for the product’s listed Minimum Order Quantity. This is the number of items you’ll need to order to pay the wholesale price. You may also add more than the MOQ, but you cannot go below MOQ. Make sure you hit this threshold to score the best wholesale deals.

3. Click Checkout

Once you’ve made all your selections, head over to the checkout to proceed with your order.

4. Fill-in all Shipping and Billing Info

Be sure to provide us with all of the information we’ll need to send and bill your order correctly to avoid unnecessary delays.

5. Choose How You’d Like To Pay

We accept the following methods of payment: ACH, WIRE, E-checks, traditional (paper) checks, And Zelle, we no longer Accept credit cards,

6. Wait For Us To Receive Your Order

Once you’ve selected a payment option, we will receive your order. If the item(s) you ordered are available, we will email you an invoice. If the item is not available or not available in the quantity you requested, we will cancel your order. If you paid by credit card, we will issue you a full refund as soon as possible. Other forms of payment are not processed until later on, so if you paid another way, you will simply be notified your order was canceled and you will not be charged.

7. Make Your Payment (If You Didn’t Already)

If you paid via credit card at checkout, you can skip this step. Otherwise, once your order is confirmed and you receive an invoice, you can move forward with paying via the method of your choice.

8. IMPORTANT: Confirm Your Payment

Once you’ve paid, please also send us a separate email at to confirm your payment. We can’t initiate the shipping process until we can confirm your payment.

9. Get Your Shipping Information

Within 48-72 hours AFTER PAYMENT, we will provide you with all the shipping information you’ll need to finalize your order.

10. Send In Any Shipping Labels

Send us any shipping labels you have so we can take care of getting your order out. Shipments usually process within 72 hours, depending on the order.

NexDeal Tips

  • You can filter our shop by the products that are best for Amazon, Walmart, Ebay or Google Shopping. 

  • For our clients new to selling on Amazon, visit our Learning Center in the footer at the bottom of the page to explore different informational guides and other helpful tips.

  • View the Tools and Resources in the footer at the bottom of the page to check out all of the tools we use ourselves. 

  • To make it even easier to find what you need, we’ve created a downloadable Excel sheet with our complete and updated inventory. You can always access and save this sheet directly from the website using the button in the top right-hand corner above the menu. This sheet is updated every day at 3 P.M. PST.

  • We are able to drop-ship in bulk to Amazon for you. However, we do Not do the FNSKU labeling. If you require boxes or pallet labels, we can help you with them with no added fees.

  • Please be advised that we do not cover any shipping or custom costs. If you are shipping to yourself, we can get you a quote AFTER payment has been made for your invoice. You may also schedule your own pick up. 

  • If you are selling on Amazon, before placing any order, please make sure you are “un-gated”. We have a zero-tolerance policy for cancellations, so this step is crucial.

  • If you are gated on Amazon, we offer Un-Gating Services that will help you understand why and what you can do to fix it. Click here or on “Un-Gating Services” in the top menu to learn more.

  • Unfortunately, we can not change the MOQ for any of the items we sell. You must purchase the MOQ or higher to receive the discounts shown on our Daily Deals page. 

We hope these tips help you find the perfect bulk wholesale merchandise for your needs. At NexDeal Distribution, we care deeply about giving you only the best-quality service.


To all 3rd party sellers:

We are NOT an Authorized Distributor for any of the items we sell. We will not be able to provide an authorization letter or any type of documents from the manufacturer or distributors besides our invoices. Please do all of your due diligence before placing any order.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL; NO Cancellation or Exchanges will be allowed after you place your order.

If you have any questions or concerns, check out our FAQs page or contact us to learn more.

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