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Mass Audience. Easy Scaling.

You can sell products on a larger scale and ramp up your sales and profit by 25%-30%

Low Fees.

Low cost in listing your products so that you can put more money back into your business.

Dedicated Support.

You will have a dedicated manager just for your stress if any issues arise you will have someone to speak with no just a computer

Selling on has never been simpler. Simply tell us about your company and the merchandise you wish to sell and a member of our dedicated team will work with you to create a Seller Account.

With this Seller Account, you’ll be able to list your assets and merchandising details, such as quantity, condition, pictures, and shipping information. Your dedicated Account Manager will continue to support your business needs with an Asset Sales Plan ensuring long-term success.

1. Register

Registering as a seller on is free and easy. Get started by completing the new vendor registration application.

2. Phone Verification

After registering, a NexDeal team member will reach out to connect with you and ask a few questions.

3. Get approved

After a quick interview we will continue to review your application. The approval process is fairly quick and you should hear back from us shortly.

4. Start Selling

Once approved, you'll get back end access where you can upload your products and begin to capitalize on the Nexdeal infastructure.

About Us

Nex Deal Inc. is a company that offers wholesale  services for general merchandise, video games and consoles, consumer electronics and toys. It’s very important for us to offer our customers the best solutions and value that they can find on the market.

The primary focus for us is on value and on delivering the best quality and results that customers can find on the market. When you work with us, you will have no problem getting the products that you want.


We provide end to end solution to our vendor from listing to selling to shipments all in one place
We will remit payment to you, net of any commission and fees due, after we have received and processed the buyer’s payment.

On each order you will have statutes easy to read chart explain what is the static of each order.

If the Buyer fails to pay, we will contact you to discuss other options, including re-listing your merchandise.
The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and duties. Once the buyer’s payment has been collected, we will book the shipment of your merchandise after you get us all shipping info and notify you as to when to prepare the goods for pick-up. Pick-up usually occurs 2 business days after the buyer’s payment has been collected.

A buyer can file a dispute if he/she believes that the merchandise received does not conform to the information provided by the seller at the time of the bid. To start the dispute process, the buyer must complete a dispute form, we will investigate the matter, and we will decide upon a resolution that must be followed by both the buyer and the seller. Buyers must conduct an inspection of the goods and submit a dispute within a reasonable time following receipt, preferably within 2 business days. We will complete dispute resolution within 15 days of receipt. All parties must abide by the dispute resolution provided by

Before listing products on any on Marketplace, it’s a seller’s responsibility to know whether or not the products you are selling are regulated as hazardous materials and comply with regulations required to sell and ship such materials To assist you with determining if your products are hazardous – you may contact us for more info or give us a call at 888-777-9230 charges a flat fee of 10% Fee once an sale has been made and settled.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to working with you.

Nex Deal Distribution Inc.
6862 Hayvenhurst Ave
Van Nuys, CA 91406