Wholesale Home Decor: Trending Products for Amazon FBA Sellers

Decorative shelves with plants on them wholesale home decor

Wholesale Home Decor: Trending Products for Amazon FBA Sellers

Wholesale home decor may be one of the best product niches to enter if you’re not sure what you want to sell on Amazon FBA or if you’re looking to bring something new to your business. This growing market welcomes customers of all kinds, so no matter your style or brand, wholesale home decor presents a great opportunity to take your business to new heights.

Why Sell Wholesale Home Decor on Amazon FBA?

Home decor products come in all shapes, sizes, and price points, making them an ideal investment for any Amazon FBA business. Plus, social media makes certain home decor looks or products especially attractive to consumers. 

Keeping up with trends and influencer recommendations makes shopping for products consumers want easy. And, unlike other popular product classes like electronics, home decor wholesale products are usually easier on the wallet.

How to Choose Wholesale Home Decor

When it’s time to focus on product sourcing for your Amazon FBA business, shop smart based on your business goals and needs. Here are some things to pay attention to as you get started:

  • Profitability. Consider your profit margin for each option you add to your Amazon FBA store. Not all options will give you a high margin, but they might be more popular and easier to sell. Balance demand with profit to find an ideal and sustainable. Also important to think about is the item’s size, as larger or heavier items can be difficult to ship at affordable prices. 
  • Trends. Keep an eye on what’s popular and what’s not to stay ahead of the crowd. While some products may be seasonal or come in and out of style, others might be consistently popular. A mix of both can help you offer your customers something exciting at every turn.
  • Brand Reputation. Only shop with reputable sellers to avoid low-quality, disappointing products. At NexDeal Distribution, we offer top daily wholesale deals that will help you set your business apart. We are here to help you through each step of the ordering process so you can sit back, relax, and watch the dollar signs roll in.

Top Wholesale Home Decor for Amazon FBA: Our Picks

Each product pick we’ve mentioned here is from our rotating selection of daily wholesale deals. Even if the product you love isn’t available now, we encourage you to check out our full list of inventory to see similar options that work for you. 

Lighting & Fragrance

The market for home lighting – lamps, LED lights, string lights, etc. – and fragrance products such as essential oil diffusers and candles is booming. This is an easy entry point for anyone looking to branch into wholesale home decor, as products are fairly cheap and easy to market.

wholesale home decor: blue candles

NexDeal’s Pick: Wilton Blue Color Flame Candles, 12 Count

This simple, classy value pack of beautiful blue candles is an ideal option for home decor and lighting alike. 

Wall Decor

From picture frames, canvases, shelving units, and more, there’s no shortage of wall decor options to choose from. Wall decor adds some personality and color to a room in seconds, making it a necessary part of transforming a house into a home.

wholesale home decor: wood mounted shelf

NexDeal’s Pick: Rustic Wood Industrial Wall-Mounted Shelf

This stylish and sturdy wall-mounted shelf is perfect for modern, classic, and boho home decor lovers.


Options like vases, baskets, and knick-knack accessories help customers make their space into their own. They’re great for sprucing things up or adding functionality to different parts of the home.

wholesale home decor: fireplace tool set

NexDeal’s Pick: Amagabeli 5 Pcs Fireplace Tool Set

This fireplace tool set is a perfect example of mixing function with style; its elegant finish makes it just as nice to look at as it is to use.

Stylish Kitchenware

Consumers want products that bring energy into their homes, and there’s no better way to do that than with beautiful kitchen supplies and accessories. 

wholesale home decor: knife set

NexDeal’s Pick: GINSU Kiso® 14 Piece Red Knife Set with Natural Block 

This bold knife block set features a stunning red color and a gorgeous wooden block for a simple yet elevated look.

No matter what kind of home decor you branch into, you can count on NexDeal for the hot prices and unique products you need to succeed.